No Cheque Refund

27 November 2020

We have noticed that a large number of customers are still requesting for payment via cheque instead of online wire transfers. As you are aware refund payments via cheque is not very efficient. Customer not only have to physically come to our office to collect the cheque but also present them to their banks for clearing and this whole process may take days. Further there is always the danger of losing the cheque while commuting back and forth.

We are therefore moving away from refund payment via cheque and adopt payment only by wire transfer.

All refunds effective January 1, 2021 would be only through wire transfers to the account number mentioned in a letter submitted in ORIGINAL with documents like OBL, telex etc before obtaining the Shipping line Delivery order. The draft of the letter which can be downloaded below MUST be printed on consignee letter headed paper and signed by authorized signatory.

Download from:

If there is no letter provided at the time of release, refund payment would ONLY be done to Consignee bank account as per OBL.

For more information: Contact our customer care center for issues.
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