Although PTML is renowned for being a Ro/Ro port and a major container terminal, no other facility in Lagos is better suited to provide Nigerian importers with the equipment and the expertise to handle all cargo which due to size, weight and configuration cannot be containerized (like heavy duty construction equipment, heavy lifts, brewery tanks, boats, helicopters,etc). The port’s first-class labor force delivers the best care and goes the extra mile to deliver superior handling for all types of cargo moving through our terminal. We set the standard for providing the expertise in handling niche cargo.

General Cargo


With a fully dedicated 3,500 sqm warehouse and a fleet of new forklift equipment specifically designed and equipped to handle paper reels, PTML has not recorded any claim on the products handled since commencement of operations.


PTML is also providing first class services to the major Nigerian importers of paper reels and hard board, handling more then 70,000 tons per year of paper products. Providing quality handling services, we are offering added value and customer dedicated solutions for this kind of product.


200 tons general break bulk cargo is handled per hour (paper reels,hard board,pipes).


Trailers (various towing capacity) Heavy Duty Trailers Forklift (various lifting capacity) Paper Clipper.