Our History

Mission Statement: To provide customers with port terminal services of outstanding quality and unparalleled efficiency

Our Operations

Where We Are

With an area of over 350,000 sqm and an annual traffic throughput of over 100,000 containers, 150,000 vehicles and 200,000 tons of general cargo, PTML Terminal is the largest Ro/Ro Terminal in West Africa. We have the expertise and the equipment to handle efficiently and safely all type of vehicles and containers and we have the highest productivity in the industry to discharge unitised break bulk cargo such as forestry products, steel, project cargo. As a world class facility aiming at ensuring the fastest turnaround time of vessel and cargo delivery time and in line with the highest environmental and security standard, PTML has committed since inception significant investment in new infrastructure and state of the art equipment. We are adopting the most efficient cargo handling processes, employing cutting edge technology solutions, to achieve minimal delay in vessel operations, optimal utilization of terminal area and the fastest delivery of the cargo.


We have dedicated customs command and shipping agent conveniently located within terminal premises and connected electronically to our delivery system, thus making the releasing and delivering process of the cargo simple and fast.

Our Expansion – Mile 2 Terminal

By the end of 2008 in anticipation of the expected growth of traffic, PTML acquired an underdeveloped water front area located about 2 nautical miles from the main terminal on the strategic Apapa-Oshodi Expressway and built the first phase of a dedicated off-dock terminal of 50,000 sqm. Further land acquisition and development took place between 2009 and 2016 enlarging the existing dedicated area. As at today, the dedicated Customs Bonded off dock terminal, located at Mile 2 Lagos, consist of a complete developed, paved and fenced area of 130,000 sqm. Fully integrated data system allow clients to execute all their formalities such as custom clearance, shipping and terminal fee settlement directly at Mile 2 terminal offices, saving precious time at delivery stage.

Our Expansion

  • Terminal Area: 130,000 sqm
  • 3,000 Sqm office space for Custom and other authorities
  • 1,000 sqm Office spac for PTML Staff
  • Delivery Gates

Our Expansion

Special PTML Owned barges are securing transfer of cargo between the main terminal and the off dock terminal at Mile 2. Water Distance between the two terminal is approximately 2 nautical miles and each barge voyage last 30 minutes. This unique link service implemented by PTML reduce sensibly congestion around Tin Can Island Complex

Special Equipment