No congestion
No transfer to off-dock facility
Immediate delivery, No additional cost associated to delivery
Dedicated Stripping Area
Dedicated area for Reefer: Reefer Plug are also available to cater for refrigerated cargo
Dedicated area for empty re-delivery accessible 24/7


Reach stacker
Empty Handler
Trailers (various towing capacity)


Immediately after discharge,
containers are transferred to the stacking area
within the port premises and available for inspection
and delivery within 24 hours from discharge.
On presentation of the Terminal Delivery Order containers are loaded on truck within 1 hour.


40 Laden Containers discharged per hour(via ramp and crane, both 20’ & 40’)
40 Laden Containers loaded per hour(via ramp and crane, both 20’ & 40’)
50 Empty Container loaded per hour (via crane, both 20’ & 40’).

Our Facilities


It is no accident that PTML is the biggest Roll-on / Roll-off terminal in Nigeria and West Africa. RoRo cargo requires special care and we make it our business to move it with the lowest damage rate possible.

RO/RO Heavy Duty Tractors

PTML treats its autos with white gloves service, literally. Each vehicle receives the utmost care from the ship to the delivery to the consignee.


With an annual Throughput of over 100,000TEUs, PTML continue to invest significantly in container handling equipment and innovation solution to guarantee fastest delivery.


40 Laden Containers discharged per hour(via ramp and crane, both 20’ & 40’), 40 Laden Containers loaded per hour(via ramp and crane, both 20’ & 40’).


PMTL has the expertise and the equipment to handle general cargo safely and efficiently. From construction equipment, to power plant, from oil and gas material to pipes, paper reels, boats, helicopters and brewery tanks, there is no cargo which is too large or heavy for us to receive.


Through our partners we have been offering tailor mode solutions to handle cargo weighing over 300 tons, Our Expert team with standard equipments at our terminal can handle project Cargo.


The export cargo activities significantly increased in the last years in Nigeria. PTML Terminal is the preferred export cargo in Tin Can Island Lagos as, a lean service and organized terminal logistics increase efficiency and time savings for the exporter.


PTML has the facility and equipment to stuff container in the terminal. Export of project cargo is also handled at PTML Terminal.


Special PTML Owned barges are securing transfer of cargo between the main terminal and the off dock terminal at Mile 2. Water Distance between the two terminal is approximately 2 nautical miles and each barge voyage last 30 minutes.